I am Nahid P. Khiabani have joined the Soft Condensed Matter group in Sep. 2009 to work on my Ph.D. thesis. The dissertation entitled Investigation of Aqueous Solutions Thin Films was supervised by Dr. Alireza Bahramian at the University of Tehran and advised by Prof. Mohammad Reza Ejtehadi at the Sharif University of Technology.

My interest is mainly in the interfacial properties of water in molecular detail. I believe the observation of the interfacial water properties and the effect of different solvated species, such as ions, surfactants, biomolecules on water, could light the reason for some challenging issues such as the interfacial water charge. Currently, I am working on water interfacial properties at liquid-liquid interfaces using LAMMPS software.

I can be reached at nahidkhiabani@gmail.com.