My name is Maryam Azimzadeh Irani. I am a postdoctoral fellow in the “soft condensed matter” team under Prof. Ejtehadi’s supervision.

I am a Biologist/Bioinformatician by education. I received my BSc. from Shahid Beheshti School of Biological Sciences and Technologies in 2010 and I scored the top in my batch.

Soon afterwards I skipped the master of science entrance examination “konkoor-arshad” and continued my education in the same faculty. I received my MSc. of Molecular Phylogenetics in 2012.

My next step was leaving Iran in 2013 to peruse a PhD in Singapore, where I was supported by the prestigious SINGA scholarship. I received my PhD in Computational Structural Biology in 2017 from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The main focus of my PhD was performing molecular dynamics simulations to study protein function, ligand binding, molecular assembly and activation of the EGFR transmembrane tyrosine kinase receptor to design anti-cancer therapeutics. I am highly experienced in the application of molecular modelling and computational methods to study protein-ligand complexes. Specifically; virtual screening, structural drug design (involving post-translational modifications), and binding free energy calculations of protein-ligand complexes.

Since completion of my PhD, I have been a visiting postdoctoral researcher at BIOTEC TU Dresden Germany and I was a collaborator at Shahid Beheshti School of Biological Sciences and Technologies.

Earlier this year (2018), I joined Prof Ejtehadi’s lab with the National Elites Organization fellowship to continue my research and engage in new areas of the field; and I’m looking forward to the exciting journey ahead.

My life motto is: work hard, play harder! so when I am not working, I enjoy travelling, outdoor sports and partying with friends and family.

Feel free to visit my LinkedIn page ( if you want to know more about my research and read my publications. For any further enquiries, you can contact me via